The 7 Difference between Professional and Amateurs

Interesting and useful article cite from The link is here.

The summarize is as below:

  • Amateurs wait for clarity. Pros take action.
  • Amateurs want to arrive. Pros want to get better.
  • Amateurs practice as much as they have to. Pros never stop.
  • Amateurs leap for their dreams. Pros build a bridge.
  • Amateurs fear failure. Pros crave it.
  • Amateurs build a skill. Pros build a portfolio.
  • Amateurs want to be noticed. Pros want to be remembered.



Author: Bruce Zhang

I am software developer in BigEye Data as cofounder. I mainly focused on big data, software architecture. I expert in Java, Scala, .NET, Javascript developing. Now I am interesting in elixir language which is based on Erlang virtual machine.

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